I’ve had some very curious people inquiring as to why I’ve decided to make the leap into only purchasing cruelty-free cosmetics and as to why I’m changing my lifestyle. Initially when mentioning my desire to make the change, I received a lot of, “Oh, you watched a video, didn’t you?” or “What is the point? They’re always going to test on animals, anyway.” It seemed to me that people weren’t as receptive to the sort of changes I wanted to make, as well as help make. The fact of the matter is this is a personal choice that I wanted and had been wanting to make and it was finally time for me to move forward.

Ever since I was little, I’ve always had a desire to make a difference. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to make this difference (and in all honesty, I’m still not sure), but I wanted to do it. As an animal lover, as well as makeup lover, I figured I would start in exactly those two areas – with cosmetics and with animals. In addition to moving to cruelty-free, I also decided to make the decision to transition into a vegetarian diet. While that’s a slow transition in order to not create a shock to my system, changing my cosmetic purchasing habits is definitely the first step.

Upon doing research, it’s amazing to see how many companies STILL aren’t cruelty-free, or at one point were, but based off the locations they sell in, they’re no longer cruelty-free. In this day and age, more brands should have found new and better ways to test their products as a majority of them are tests from the early 1900’s that can easily be replicated in other ways. However, the more people that make the switch to cruelty-free, the more likely companies will realize they need to make the switch. Maybe some day we’ll see brands such as Maybelline and L’Oreal become more concerned with their practices and cater their practices towards helping animals instead of harming them.

Today, I’m going to talk about a really cool product called Doctor Lip Bang’s Lip Freak lip balm! This is probably one of the strangest, but coolest products ever.

This little guy is designed to give your lips a tingling sensation, and as it says right on the box, it’s supposedly the strongest buzzing lip balm in the whole world. It comes in several different flavors, two of which are found in Ulta stores – Sin-O-Mint, which is an Ulta exclusive, and Berry Sinister, which you can find at Ulta as well as Lip Freak’s online store. I’m not a fan of cinnamon, but based off of how much I loved Berry Sinister, I might just have to give it a try.

I can absolutely see this being a product that younger boys would really enjoy to freak their friends out with, as gifts for the unsuspecting recipient, or daring girls that want to make their significant other truly feel the spark between them!

Before I talk about the product itself, let’s just talk about the packaging. The brand has truly put together an amazing mix of a sideshow poster as well and a hint of steampunk. This is the type of product that you would expect to see in a world where gears and goggles rule the fashion world and freak shows made a come back as a primary entertainment source, but also with a hint of the future world we expect to see and with plenty of mustachioed men in top hats!
The packaging is very androgynous, with the colors corresponding to the type of flavor that it contains. Both men and women alike can be okay with picking up this product and not having to feel as if it’s too “manly” or “girly.”
Flip the package over and you are greeted with information about the product, as well as the classic side show circus man holding onto a buzzing barbell. This is the point where it really makes it clear that the product is truly for both men and women, but NOT crybabies. This is the point where you realize you’re curious about trying it, but you’re also unsure about what might happen. The warning adds just enough mystery to convince you that you need to try it – after all, how bad could it be?
Once you open the package, you’re presented with the signature mustache that’s used throughout and the flavor name that’s placed on a black tube. The dark tube is a surprise, but very fitting for the packaging. It’s not every day you see a lip balm in something other than the standard white or another color that’s commonly used.
In that dark tube, you’re greeted with the most fantastic smelling lip balms ever. You wouldn’t ever expect the sensations that will occur after applying it to your lips. It starts off as a normal feeling, very moisturizing lip balm, and then bzzzzzzz – your lips are buzzing, jumping, and tingling like no tomorrow!
I decided to take the lip balm’s challenge, and for review purposes, managed to convince my fiance to kiss me to see how well the product actually transferred while kissing. Let’s just say he felt the spark between us. ūüėČ
In addition to testing the kissing theory, I also timed how long the tingle lasted for myself. When timed, I reached around 25 minutes, but I believe that had to do with my lips already being a little chapped and also applying way too much! I believe the product is truly only supposed to tingle for around 10-15 minutes, but your mileage may vary on this!
The major selling points to this product are definitely that it’s 100% natural, it’s moisturizing, and the price of the product (in store). A lot of lip balms say that they’re moisturizing, but I find them lacking in staying power. You don’t have that problem with Lip Freak (nor would you want to)! The taste of it is also wonderful once you get past the initial shock of the tingle. For anyone who’s wondering if it works like a lip plumper or if it’s a tinted lip balm, it’s neither. It might give a (very) temporary plump look, but it definitely doesn’t stay like a normal lip plumper would, so don’t purchase it with the expectation that it will do so!
I absolutely recommend this product, not only for yourself, but as a really crazy gift for your friends.
Definitely check out Lip Bang’s website, their other social media, and their online store where you can purchase flavors like Clockwerk Orange, as well as the Berry Sinister that I tried in this review.
Feel free to leave any questions you might have in the comments. If you’ve tried this product before, let me know what you think of it as well!


A representative at Lip Freak reached out to me today and¬†confirmed¬†that their products are truly 100% natural and also¬†cruelty-free! This is¬†very¬†exciting because these lipbalms are truly fun, enjoyable, and most importantly¬†moisturizing.¬†I still stand by my recommendation on this product and can’t wait to go back out and purchase more of their wonderful flavors!



Hey, everyone! Welcome to my blog! Today I’m going to be talking a little bit about Impress Manicure!

Impress Manicure creates gel-like press on nails that give you the ability to have a professional looking manicure in your home within minutes! They have over 40 different colors and designs, so you’re not limited to just one type of look – you can create anything your heart desires!

The cool part about these nails is that they do absolutely NO damage to your natural nail and has a special adhesive that’s designed to keep your nails on and looking fresh for up to a week.

I’m someone who’s really rough on their hands and nails, but these bad boys managed to stay through my days with me and past the week they’re supposed to stay on. I could’ve had them on for two weeks if I had wanted, but I decided to switch out the colors. They’re super flexible, so they mold to your fingers very well to help aid in making a nice tight seal. They peel off nice and easy whenever you’re ready to take them off and go back to your natural nail or even to a new design!

I honestly can’t say enough about how much I adore and love these nails. The simplicity and ability to constantly change my nails up is a huge selling point. There’s no need to worry about having still wet polish and there’s no need to worry about dried out nail polishes or having to go out and get them done. Just take them out of the packaging, size them up, and pop them on!

Not only that, but they retail for only $6.99! You can find them in Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Rite Aid, Kmart, and Target – so you can find them basically anywhere you’re at!

Make sure you check out their social media as well!

website – imPRESS Manicure
twitter/instagram – @impressmanicure





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