Cruelty-Free Favorites

While I might not have been as consistent as I would like to be on this page, I have been very consistent with my cosmetic purchases. For nearly two years I have been purchasing cruelty-free cosmetics and it has been wonderful. Purchasing cruelty-free has been an important aspect of my purchasing habits. It has been so important that I’ve been making even bigger strides and purchasing household items cruelty-free, as well! It’s all baby steps in creating a better environment, not only for myself, but for my family and all of the animals that I help benefit by not purchasing other products. I know I’m only one person, but my biggest hope and dream is to influence others to be more proactive in their purchases and make smart purchasing decisions.

Before diving into my favorites, it’s important to realize there are multiple factors to purchasing cruelty-free and that also relies on your current purchasing habits. One of the things to consider falls under “the big picture” and that is whether or not you are comfortable with purchasing a product from a brand that has a parent company that participates in animal testing. An example of this would be L’Oréal. L’Oréal owns many different brands, some that test and some that don’t. As a whole, L’Oréal as a company

An example of this would be L’Oréal, as they are one of the largest brands. L’Oréal owns many different brands, some that test and some that don’t. As a whole, L’Oréal as a company does test on animals, however, several brands such as Urban Decay and NYX Cosmetics do not. This leads many to be unsure of their purchasing decisions as they don’t want to support a big brand that tests, but they are interested in certain products. While a parent company might test, many of the brands owned that do not test are still certified. When certified, they are paying for the license and undergo specific checks to make sure they’re maintaining their status. Others make the decision to purchase only from brands that are not owned by a parent company and are certified. By purchasing from cruelty-free brands, the hope is that more of the parent companies brands will move to be cruelty-free.

Others make the decision to purchase only from brands that are not owned by a parent company and are certified as cruelty-free. Another group might make their purchases with products being certified as vegan and cruelty-free.

All of these decisions are personal choices and will influence your purchasing choices. Only because of my cruelty-free transition have I dipped my toes in each area. I own products owned by parent companies who test, solely because I have invested a lot of money on my cosmetics, although my purchases in the past two years have been made with having no parent company and have been certified as both vegan and cruelty-free. The main exception to this rule is my foundation from Tarte, but I’m actively pursuing other options. Having fair skin does not make for an easy job of finding a foundation or BB cream that are appropriate for my skin tone.

With the way the market changes, it’s very important to pay attention to what a brand’s status is. The list of brands changes often.

Armed with the important knowledge of purchasing cruelty-free, here are my biggest favorites.


Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills isn’t just the queen of brows, but she’s also the queen of being cruelty-free as well! While her products are pricey, they work well and she offers a variety of products. Her brow products are amazing, but her eye shadows and her recently added foundations are equally as wonderful. Definitely looking forward to purchasing more of her products as they have been nothing but the best in my experience.

Bite Beauty

If you’ve been following me on any of my social media, chances are you have seen me talking about Bite Beauty. If you haven’t seen this yet, then you’re missing out on content, get going! All kidding aside, Bite Beauty is a wonderful brand that creates an array of lip products that are hard not to love. These lipsticks are very long lasting, come in a variety of beautiful shades, and smell absolutely wonderful. I’m not sure if any of the lipsticks come in other scents and flavors, but the ones I currently own have a wonderful citrus scent and do not have that waxy smell that some lipsticks and products have. My personal favorite color is Thistle and I enjoy their cherry lip scrub. I don’t use the lip scrub as often as I should, but when I do it’s an absolute treat.

Dr. Bronners Organic Lip Balm

Dr. Bronners is actually a new favorite. I’ve actually been in the quest to find a lip balm that doesn’t contain beeswax and although this product still doesn’t meet that need, at least I’m not worried about using it unlike Burts Bees. Not only is this Dr. Bronner’s product Leaping Bunny certified, but it’s also USDA Organic; added plus! Dr. Bronner’s is known for their soaps, but they knocked it out of the park with their lip balm. I currently use the Peppermint lip balm, but there are other flavors/scents. While I’m still on the quest for a lip balm that I can find in store (because I go through them like candy!), this lip balm will do the trick. Very hydrating and very moisturizing.

E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face)

This brand is one of those tried and true brands that people love, but most likely didn’t know they were cruelty-free. E.L.F. has made amazing strides and improvements to their products and product line to better fit their cruelty-free decision. In fact, their makeup brushes just underwent an overhaul to become vegan. With a wide variety of affordable make up and skin care, E.L.F. is a top contender on my list of favorites. I love their makeup brushes and their skin care line is fantastic. Don’t be afraid to shop from E.L.F. and experiment with a few products; you might just find that you love them. Unfortunately I do not have a product shot for their products as I need to replace all of them as my products expired (practice good hygiene with your products!), but I can’t say enough about them.


Method is another newer purchase, but I adore their body wash. You might know Method for their cleaning products; their soaps, their dish washing liquid, or even their laundry detergent, but did you know that they also make body wash as well? I feel as though a lot of other people knew this, but when I was walking through the aisles of Target, believe me when I say my mind was blown. I have very sensitive skin, so finding soaps and body wash is extremely difficult, but this does not agitate my skin in the least. They carry a few different scents, but this one is my favorite! It genuinely is very crisp and it’s a very clean smelling scent. It’s not over powering and provides subtle reminders throughout the day of how wonderful you smell! Better yet, it’s gentle on the skin. I love this so much I’ve already purchased a few bottles to stockpile; I never want to be without it!


Hopefully this post gave you some insight on purchasing cruelty-free and to show you that a lot of these brands are readily available for purchase. I know people I have spoken to in person have thought purchasing cruelty-free is difficult, but it’s not! There are three websites I use to cross check information, Cruelty-Free Kitty, Logical Harmony, and PETA. Each of their lists contain different brands and with different reasoning and are updated often. If you’re ready to start on your own journey to cruelty-free purchases, I definitely recommend starting on those three sites.

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