About Me

A part of me has always known that what I’m doing now is what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to entertain, to inform, to be me, and have people have an appreciation for the things that I do. Mostly I wanted to inspire and touch people’s lives and if I could do that for one person, then great. But if I could do it for hundreds and thousands, then that was even better.

My dreams had the dazzle and fame of the spotlight, but unfortunately life didn’t quite take me in that direction.

However, it did bring me to today. I’ve been a part of the online community for a very long time, reaching thousands of people through other methods of communication. I was a semi-finalist for a place in the YouTube Creator Institute with a short film, I created a breaking-news type blog post that went viral and was cited in several articles in the online community, and have assisted in several online campaigns for new products. I’ve been successful in the things I’ve put my heart into and Mint Fox Meadows is that new project.

Mint Fox Meadows is for anyone who’s looking for a fresh take on ideas and need inspiration for every day life. I write a lot of craft related posts, but I also write about beauty and on life in general. I also have a brand new YouTube channel that features some of my previous videos from this year and I will be making fresh new content. I want Mint Fox Meadows to become a special place for you to come to and I hope that I can make a connection with you in some way.


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For business inquiries, please send me a message at – caitlyn[@]mintfoxmeadows.com